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For Once Why Can’t You Just Come And Chase Me

I shook my head at the boys as I grabbed my keys.

"Why can’t you stay for another day? Please?." Jack played with the many beaded bracelets on my wrist. "Guys, I have to go home. I need clothes, and I have to go work on a piece." I told them.

"Why can’t it wait? You can borrow some of Jacks clothes." Rian said, turning to look at me. "Because It’s due for my class on Monday. I still have to put on the finishing touches. I would love to stay, but I can’t." I nodded.

The boys sighed in defeat as I stood up from my best friends couch. I slid my bag over my shoulder, and walked to the door. The four trudged behind me. 

"Call me when you get home." Jack hugged me tightly, rubbing my back. He always did that when we hugged. And to be truthful, I liked everything about my best friend.

I loved him as a whole, in fact. “I always do, Barakitty.” I chuckled, and kissed his cheek. I was pulled away from Jack and into Alex’s arms. This was repeated by Zack, then Rian. “Bye guys, I love you!” I smiled. “Love you, (Y/N).” The boys called as I walked to my car.

I sat down, and started to drive home. I stopped at a red light, humming along to Off With Her Head by Ghost Town. The light turned green, and I started to drive again, only to hear a car horn honk, and everything went black.

I was woken up by a tedious beeping. I had such a terrible headache, in fact my whole body ached. I groaned softly, and opened my eyes. Everything was a bright white, and I groaned some more. I rubbed my poor eyes, and looked around again.

Jack sat at my bed side, his hand holding mine tightly. He was slumped over, his head laying down on my… bed? His shoulders slowly rose and fell, which indicated that he was sleeping.

I lightly squeezed his hand. “Jack.” My voice was hoarse. Jacks head snapped up, and I saw his eyes were red and bloodshot. “(Y/N).” He whispered, and I could see the tears well up in his eyes before I pulled him into a hug.

"I thought I lost you.." Jack choked out. I rubbed his back gently. "The driver was drunk. Apparently when the paramedics got there, your heart stopped in the ambulance. You were dead for six minutes, (Y/N). And you lost so much blood." He told me. My breath hitched in the back of my throat.

"I… I died?" I whispered. "Yeah, baby girl." Jack pulled away from the hug. I looked at him with wide eyes. "I was so scared… I should have gone with you." He clenched his jaw.

"No! No, Jack. Don’t you dare blame this on yourself." I quickly shook my head.

Jack looked at me, and leaned down, and kissed me. My heart monitor beat faster as soon as our lips connected. “Hey, calm down. The nurses will think I’m killing you.” He chuckled. I smiled and laughed.

"But, (Y/N). I never want to lose you again. Because I love you, like, love you love you. I’ll always protect you, I swear. Will you.. be mine?" Jack looked at me seriously, and it was a little scary.

Serious Jack rarely came out.

"Yes, Jack. I love you too." I blushed. Jack kissed me again, and god did it feel great.

The door swung open. “(Y/N)!” Alex, Rian, and Zack yelled. They interrupted the moment Jack and I were having, but he didn’t seem to mind.

The four gave me hugs and happy laughs, and I didn’t mind so much that I was in a hospital anymore.

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